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Established in 2012, 1Development is a real estate development brand that has in its portfolio unique projects, with high investment capacity, in accessible areas of the Capital and surrounded by all the facilities necessary for a modern lifestyle. With carefully built projects, dedication to clients and impressive future plans, 1Development remains one of the most consistent and innovative real estate developers in Bucharest. Floreasca 1, Baneasa 1 and Central are the first projects developed by 1Development. Built in important areas of the capital, with a great attention to detail, the projects share a modern architecture, quality finishes, premium facilities and facilities, as well as positioning close to many points of interest. Read about what differentiates them below:

Recent projects

Quality recognition

The Award for Residential Architecture - the collective housing section

In 2015, the Floreasca 1 project won the Award for Residential Architecture - the collective housing section. A "landmark" as an urban object, the project impressed due to several aspects: - the materiality of the facade, the major texture applied to the wood creating the feeling of comfort specific to a home; - volumetry - a concept of prismatic compositional hybrid that symbolizes the multitude of intimate spaces, leaving a general feeling of relaxation, intimacy and integration in the perspective of the natural landscape; - the general impression produced by the project, which transmits safety and comfort.


The Floreasca 1 project is the first "green" residential project certified by the Green Homes certification program, a program developed by the Romanian Green Building Council (RoGBC). A landmark of the luxury residential complexes in Bucharest, Floreasca 1 harmoniously combines the elegance and comfort offered by the high quality finishes with the modern architecture, which includes windows overlooking the lake and a ventilated façade, using Trespa wood, which transforms, amplifies and even adds a new dimension to the design. Another feature of the facade is its materiality, the major texture applied to the wood creating the feeling of intimacy and comfort. A unique project in Bucharest, Floreasca 1 won in 2015 the Prize of the Residential Architecture section - collective housing (ex-aequo), awarded by the Bucharest Annual Architecture. In terms of accessibility, the project is located near the Aurel Vlaicu subway station, as well as many major transport arteries of Bucharest, thus representing the ideal combination between the need for private space and comfort and the need to access all the facilities which are the basis of a modern lifestyle. The next 1Development project to be certified as a "green" building is Central, a residential compound located in the Stefan cel Mare area, designed to gain time for future tenants, due to its many nearby facilities and points of interest. The project also brings value for those who want to make an investition in real estate. Since the project started, Central has closely followed the RoGBC criteria, the compound being, until completion, a pre-certified Green Building.. By reaching this level, Central has qualified for the special lending program - Green Mortgage, which future buyers can access through partner banks. Both Floreasca 1 and Central were designed so as to have a significant impact through the reduction of pollution caused by the construction activities, the correct management of the waste on the site, the optimization of the consumption of water and energy, the use of sustainable materials, without volatile organic compounds with a low carbon footprint, implementation of a waste sorting system at source, for a minimum of four fractions, as well as encouraging alternative transport options. Floreasca 1 and Central are just two examples of how our projects represent a safe and healthy home for you and the proof that we also pay special attention to the environment.