A new lifestyle, for you

1Development, a real estate company dedicated to the residential sector in Romania, creates the perfect ambience for your home and sets the foundation for perfect experiences in an urban lifestyle.

Our mission is to develop unique real estate projects in Bucharest, combining modern design with elegance and comfort to ensure that the future tenants will enjoy a perfect urban lifestyle. Quality, smart solutions, outstanding architecture, ideal locations in terms of facilities and eco-friendly design are the main aspects that define 1Concept. We are always looking for new ideas, materials and applications, so that the notable architecture and the feeling of comfort of a welcoming "home" that characterize each project of the 1Concept will always be the choice of each person looking for a new dwelling.

1Development projects are characterized by an unmatched attention to detail and also by the commitment to pure quality.

We believe in


We aim to be the first in the market when it comes to building living spaces where people are eager to start a new chapter of their lives, which determines us to use all our resources to deliver remarkable real estate projects.


The comfort of our customers is always on the first place, so we choose with great care both the location and the materials and finishes used in building our projects.


1Development always delivers carefully crafted projects, in order to provide customers with a great deal of satisfaction, while being mindful of the impact of construction on the environment. We are totally aware that Earth is our only home, and it is absolutely vital to hand it on to the next generation in the best possible condition.

Experience the Concept 1 from 1Development, experience a new lifestyle.